Below are links of interest relating to brook trout restoration, conservation, and other related topics.

One of the most comprehensive resources for brook trout restoration/conservation is the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture: https://easternbrooktrout.org/

Native Fish Coalition is doing great work that benefits native brook trout and other native fish species: https://nativefishcoalition.org/

Fly Fisherman Magazine recently ran a great article on the state of brook trout conservation in Pennsylvania. At the bottom of the article in the addendum is an excellent selection of scientific research on the topic: https://www.flyfisherman.com/editorial/pennsylvania-isnt-doing-enough-brook-trout/469894

A blog post about restoring brook trout in Wisconsin. A lot of what the author writes about is covered throughout this blog as well. https://www.thescientificflyangler.com/post/can-we-restore-native-brook-trout

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